The Runestone GoKart Association requires all racers to use a MyLaps Transponder.


Transponders provide accurate and reliable electronic scoring.

If your racer does not have a Transponder, rental units are available or a Rent-to-Own option at the track:  

  • Rental: Rent a Transponder unit for $20 per race day. ​​​

  • Rent-To-Own: Sign a Rent-To-Own agreement and rent a Transponder unit for $30 per race day. After 6 race day Rent-To-Own rentals, we will order you a brand new Transponder.  

    • $20 day rentals do not count towards a Rent-To-Own purchase. 

You can also purchase your own Transponder at

***This link is being provided as a convenience and for informational purposes only, we are not endorsing any product***

NOTE:  Novice Class is not required to run Transponder for 2020.

Please feel free to call or use Facebook to ask any questions you may have on Transponder requirements.